Four Things We Think You'll Love About the 2017 Lincoln Navigator


No other car company out there can match our Lincoln models in style and pure luxury. Here at Vern Eide Lincoln in Mitchell, we know all of our Lincoln-designed and engineered models are world class.

When drivers in South Dakota are searching for a full-sized, luxury SUV that can carry their entire family and tow the family camper, we always recommend our 2017 Lincoln Navigator.

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There are really hundreds of reasons why we think the 2017 Lincoln Navigator is worlds apart from those other SUVs from competing car manufacturers. In the interest of time and space, however, we've put together this top four list of reasons why we believe you, and all of our other Mitchell customers, would love driving a 2017 Lincoln Navigator.

  1. Smooth and quiet ride. Engineered to give drivers the ultimate in luxury and comfort, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator offers both an exceptionally quiet and an extremely smooth ride.
  2. Passenger and cargo space. As a full-sized SUV, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator offers unrivaled amounts of both cargo space and passenger space. It carries up to eight people comfortably and has plenty of elbow room, shoulder room, headroom, and legroom. Plus, the cargo area of the traditional Lincoln Navigator can hold around 18 cubic feet of gear. Opting for the extended length version, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator L, will get you even more space, with more than 42 cubic feet of storage behind the third row.
  3. Technology and amenities. There are two trim levels for the 2017 Lincoln Navigator, and both come with a nice, long list of standard features and easy-to-use technology. Some of the conveniences you can expect on your 2017 Lincoln Navigator include automatic windshield wipers, keyless entry and ignition, and power-adjustable front seats that are heated and ventilated.
  4. Utility. For families who have a camper or boat they like to take on weekend adventures, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator has a maximum towing capacity of more than 8,000 pounds, which is pretty remarkable for a vehicle that's not a pickup truck and very rare in the luxury SUV class.
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Shopping for the 2017 Lincoln Navigator in Mitchell

As you can see, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator is an all-around great family car loaded with amenities and power. But, don't take our word for it.

Stop by Vern Eide Lincoln on North Main Street in Mitchell soon and view our collection of the 2017 Lincoln Navigator in person. Take one out for a test drive and see for yourself how the Lincoln Navigator is a superior SUV.

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